Women of the Peninsula: Jodie Anderson-Bell

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, Peninsula Life share with you the stories and achievements of women from all walks of life around our region.

Born in Redcliffe Hospital, Jodie Anderson-Bell, one of three principals of Gleeson Klein Stegeman Lawyers and responsible for the Wills and Estates area of the practice, is a local at heart with a diverse background behind her.

After completing university, Jodie undertook what she called a “fairly standard pilgrimage” to Europe to backpack and worked in the UK. With grand plans to return 9 months after she left, Jodie was caught off guard when she was offered a permanent position in Switzerland in the banking and finance sector, a position too good to refuse.

Taking up the role, Jodie spent a total of 7 years in Zurich, Switzerland and a further 3 years in the UK where she learnt much about diversity and culture.

In 2007, recognising that Brisbane was home for her, Jodie returned to Australia with her partner and 2 small children in tow. Jodie’s interest in law drew her back to study law part time where she found her passion in the Wills & Estates area of the law which also deals with elder law.

Jodie explains that from a personal development point of view, her law career is one of her greatest achievements, accomplishing what she has as both a mature aged student and mother of two.

Her advice for women? In order to achieve any sense of balance when juggling multiple roles it is necessary to be disciplined with both time and the work but it is also necessary to be flexible to deal with the unexpected arises which is inevitable when children are involved. 

“The challenge when studying or working when you are also the primary carer is balance.  In order to meet commitments at university, at work and at home I found I had to be, and still have to be very disciplined.  When I am at work I focus on the needs of my clients, my team and the practice.  When I am at home I focus on my children, my family and when I get a chance my friends.”

The thing Jodie loves most about the Peninsula is driving over the bridge in the morning when the sun is in just the right spot and the whole of the bay seems to sparkle.

“I might feel a slight tinge of jealousy when I see a little fishing boat out for the morning” Jodie laughs.


Original article from Peninsula Life magazine